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UN1TED FEST is a gathering that unites people of all walks of life that share the same interests in digital art, fashion, music, NFTs, toys & figures, street culture - uniting them with the brands and artists of today and tomorrow.



Bridge that connects devotees,

enthusiasts, brands and artists.

Sparking interaction between

global and local creators

Spreading subculture and trends

in a manner that is undaunting

Creating exposure, opportunities 

& interest for local creators.

Sunny Side Up 光尚娛樂 (SSU) 是 Yeah Yeah Group —— 香港電影製作和音樂會行業的先驅之一 —— 的分支公司,致力推廣「NFT」數碼藝術作品,為華語地區甚至國際領域所有創意文化業者,拓展出一個更廣闊的前景和前瞻性的發展空間,為新時代策劃一個新平台。

Sunny Side Up (SSU) is a branch of Yeah Yeah Group - one of Hong Kong's movie-making and music concert industry pioneers, while SSU focuses more on the NFT market, curating a new platform for the new era.



UN1TED Fest 主辦單位 — Eyescream Production 自 2010 年起,曾多次參與及舉辦了多個香港大型及陣容豪華的活動,例如:Tone未來音樂祭、Dragonland音樂節、Road To Ultra(香港站)等等。Eyescream 每次舉辦的活動都以打造「一場視覺衝擊的旅程」作為起點,去製造一個又一個精彩畫面,令你眼球每秒都有尖叫的衝動!

UN1TED Fest is the brainchild and spearheaded by Eyescream Production (EYESM) with a portfolio that includes some of the biggest acts and events in the region since 2010 - Tone Music Festival, Dragonland Music Festival, and Road To Ultra Hong Kong. EYESM provides journeys that make your eyes pop as an appetizer, followed by a unique experience of hearing your eyes-scream as the main course, while leaving the dessert open for you to experience, and a story for you to tell.






特高娛樂制作有限公司 (”Unusual Productions (China) Limited”) 成立於2006年,是一間跨國娛樂製作公司。業務以籌辦演唱會等現場演出項目為主,範圍覆蓋大中華、亞太及歐美等地區。公司的業務範圍包括:現場演出項目的主辦及投資、項目策劃與統籌、市場推廣及票房管理、演出贊助等一站式服務。

Unusual Productions was established in 2006 as an international production company to produce concerts and other live performances in APAC region and North America. The company’s services include: show promotion, investment, project planning, coordination, marketing, ticketing and sponsorship etc.


Co-Organizers - CIA-01.png

CLUBBING IN ASIA (CIA) 創立於2014年,是一家具有影響力的泛娛樂集團公司,業務遍布亞洲乃至全世界,在全球發展了共11家子公司。從世界最知名大型音樂節活動,到全球最頂尖夜店,CIA通過與國際頂級娛樂品牌合作,建立了龐大的國際營商網絡關係,多家知名活動製作公司及夜店娛樂公司與CIA也是長期合作夥伴。

Clubbing In Asia (CIA), founded in 2014, is an influential pan-entertainment group company, and its business development has been spanning Asia and the rest of the world over the years, with a total of 11 subsidiaries around the globe. CIA has established a substantial international business network through cooperation with the world’s top nightclubs to the world's most famous large-scale music festival events.


Co-Organizers _ Stage Production - Daymaker-01.png


Daymaker Creatives is an event production & music management company. Established in 2017, our young team is currently engaged in music and corporate event productions, as well as exclusive artiste management, distribution & publishing work.

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